Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keep in Mind before watching Resident Evil Retribution Online

I know that everyone is so excited to watch Resident EvilRetribution online this Saturday. But before that, keep in mind that this film may contain bloody fight actions that seems not to be witnessed by minors, Parental Guidance is strictly advice before enjoying the film on big screens this 14th day of September.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Resident Evil Retribution Trailer hits Up to 9M views

The heat and excitement could be barely as the premier of Resident Evil Retribution is getting nearer by now. Be sure to watch it on theaters this 14th of September or watch it online for free. This upcoming sequel of Resident Evil is probably the fifth film in the Resident Evil film series since 2002, and this one was way too different from the previous films. WatchResident Evil: Retribution as the Alice again troubled with Umbrella Corporation and its deadly T-virus that still ravages not only the fifty states of America but also the whole wide world.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

‘Retribution’ will be added to Resident Evil film collection

Witness the fifth installment of the most anticipated movie series based on Capcom’s best seller game The Resident Evil.  After the first Resident Evil film was released in 2002, many movie enthusiast and experts predicted that the film will surely become a phenomenon. The film becomes phenomenal not only because of its science-fiction and action theme but because of the terrifying that it gives on our mind. What if this will also be happened in real life? Would it be also the end of our existence? Will, no one’s sure of that, just watch the newest installment added to the Resident Evilfilm series.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Johann Urb is on Resident Evil Retribution as Leon S. Kennedy

Johann Urb as Leon S. Kennedy
Johann Urb on Resident Evil: Retribution
Resident Evil: Retribution won’t just give another action filled scenes for Paul S. Anderson made sure that you will ask another one as you watch the film this September. This science fiction film goes even more intense as its scheduled premier is getting closer. But don’t ever watch Resident Evil: Retribution without even knowing who’s who in the film. In that case, here’s another character that seem add spice to ‘thrillness’ of this film. Leon S. Kennedy was today’s featured character. Who is he? And who’s acting this role? We’ll find out.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chinese Actress Li Bingbing as Ada Wong in Resident Evil Retribution

Li Bingbing is Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Retribution
Another female character that you shouldn’t be missed in the upcoming phenomenal science fiction film, the Resident Evil: Retribution. It’s time for Alice (Milla Jovovich) to have her allies after the Umbrella forces was now packed with goons that were ever ready to take her down. Chinese figured character Ada Wong will be portrayed byLi Bingbing as one of Alice’s allies to find the truth she were seeking and find a way to stop the Umbrella Corporation and it’s currently spreading T-virus. The film’s now packed with exciting action scenes, great characters and portrayers so there are reason that you should missed this one.